Schin Flakes Vol. 1

by Flaykee Schin

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Recorded at home January 2013, inbetween beers, long boring rants at the news and working for the man.


released January 30, 2013

All songs written, played and recorded by Flaykee Schin



all rights reserved


Flaykee Schin UK

One Man Punk Rock Band with guitars and drums and bass and lyrics that are angry and political and offensive and stuff. Seriously, it's quite good.

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Track Name: Everybody Can Join In
There's no such thing as punk rock and I dont think there ever was
There's no such thing as a God the idea's ridiculous
There's no such thing as happiness it's all just chemicals in your brain
There's no such thing as success but there is pain.

Teenage angst ain't just for kids
Everybody can join in

There's no such thing as the truth it's all just perception
Politicians avoid and evade and never answer the question
If you think that I'm down on the world you should hear about how much Ihate myself
But maybe that's a conversation I should have with someone else
Track Name: David Cameron Is A Cannibal
David Cameron Is A Cannibal Oi Oi Oi Oi

By Day He Makes The Law
But when the night time falls
He's out to stalk the streets
Death, murder, fresh meat

Longpig for dinner again
Tonight at number 10
Savour the meaty taste
And don't let a morsel go to waste

His policies disgraceful
His appetite insatiable
Don't trust the Tory Scum
His next victim could be your mum

Hi and welcome to cannibal kitchen with your host Prime Minister David Cameron. Tells us Dave, what's on the menu today?
Well today we're gonna be cooking a delicious council estate baby in a sauce made from the aspirations of the poor.
Track Name: The United Kingdom Independence Party Is The Worst Party I've Ever Been To + The Reluctant Revolutionary
Here in the United Kingdom
Right wingers want to leave the European Union
Put a dead stop to immigration
But it's not about hate, it's not about racism

It is ignoring a lot of the sensible economic arguments though so maybe it is a little bit about hatred

And yeah political correctness has gone way to far
When you can't call someone a racist even when they are
And if I had a kid, I wouldn't want it raised by a member of UKIP
And where the fuck is Nigel Farage's chin?

Our representation is corrupt
Our economy, well that thing is fucked
Standards of living diminishing
When everyone is losing, tell me who is winning?

It's the 1% at the top
They'll smash the world and ask the poor to pick it up
This member of the 99 has had enough
Can't take anymore of this injustice

I never wanted to be a revolutionary
But it's the only path that's left for me
Now these bombs are armed
Lobby security have noticed me and they're raising the alarm
But it's too late
Let the dead switch go
Close my eyes, seal my fate
And let this fucker blow

1 dead terrorist
20 injured investment bankers
and a world that wonders how it came to this
Track Name: The Safeword Is Anne Widdecombe
Vanessa advertises as a Goddess in leather
She'll spank you till you're feeling better
And know how to behave
Domination, bondage and humiliation
Were Vanessa's speacialisations
And you know she was a pro

She said come in and shut the door
Take off your clothes and get on the fucking floor
The safeword is Anne Widdicombe
Now I'm gonna make you scream until you cum

Lord chief justice Miles
Been a client of Vannessa's for awhile
And his tastes were absolutely vile
But Vanessa didn't mind
And he's dream
Of running off with his humiliation queen
Just dissapear and never be seen
or heard from again

Miles turned up at Vanness's door
And said you've been the most perfect whore
But now I need so much more

Vanessa said...
"I'll stick hot needles in your cock
Climb on top of glass and let you watch
While I pass solid waste
And then rub that shit into your face
I'll let you go down on me
When I've not washed my cunt for a week
Beat you until you bleed
Fulfil every perverted need
But I won't be going anywhere with you
And don't you ever call me a fucking whore again"
Track Name: Preppers
The End Is Nigh
And you all will die
Unless you prepare
Build up supplies of food and weapons

Learn to live
Like a primitive
When society breaks down I'm bugging the fuck out

You say I'm paranoid
Well why aren't you
With no society, electricity, security what are you going to do?
Track Name: Lower Your Aspirations
The pace that this world moves at is too fast
Everybody wants the new damn iPhone
Everybody wants to be a celebrity
If you're not one of the strivers then you're one if the scroungers
Yeah the politicians will demonise but don't believe a word of their lies

And my ambition's not be a rich selfish prick
I am hard working it's not worth it
I just want to be happy
So who the fuck are you to judge me

You could have everything you want, if you don't want a lot
You could have everything you need, it isn't much
You coud have everything you want if you just lower you aspirations

And sure some people say that I'm lazy
But look at them wrecking the world, they're fucking crazy